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Telecommunications Consulting GmbH

Founded in 1995, AUDENS is the leading satellite consulting company in Germany and one of the most recognized in Europe. Clients benefit from the vast background knowledge and experience of our experts, resulting in reduced project risks and contributing to substantial cost savings and better business prospects. Our main office is based in one of the most dynamic high-tech regions in the south of Germany, close to Munich.

For satellite communications you are thinking globally and acting worldwide, so do we likewise.



The AUDENS management has successfully collaborated for decades, having proven their reliable, continuous, and complementing skills in several projects, strengthening the team for future challenges.

Stephan P. Winter
Chief Executive Manager

Stephan became CEO of AUDENS in 2021. Before being assigned to the CEO, he supported AUDENS as an associate expert for more than ten years. Stephan is an internationally recognized expert for the regulation and coordination of satellite networks and constellations. He is actively contributing to ITU-R study group work shaping the future of satellite communications. His expertise in regulatory affairs and his analytical and scientific commitment are valued by many clients.

Herbert Schuff 
Chief Operations Officer

Herbert is co-founder of AUDENS and, since 2005, managing director with 30+ years of knowledge on space systems. Offering his vast experience from several international satellite manufacturers and operators, clients appreciate his sound knowledge on very detailed questions not losing the overall picture on system-level, enabling him to anticipate/mitigate potential issues.His key qualifications cover the areas of satellite communications engineering, payload design/engineering, and satellite systems engineering.

Wolfgang Grassmann
Chief Strategy Officer

Wolfgang is in the space business since 1986. He started his professional career in industry with the development and layout of advanced communications payloads. After various positions at renowned consulting firms Wolfgang joined the AUDENS management in 2005 and acted as CEO until 2021. He contributed to many satellite projects as advisor for technical, programmatic and strategic aspects. Wolfgang has several years of experience in business development for teleport satellite services and conducted satellite communications system bid evaluations and preparations for Intelsat, German domestic systems, EUTELSAT, ARABSAT, NAHUELSAT, and other international commercial and military programs.

Rene Woerfel
Chief Technical Officer

Rene joined AUDENS in 2007 and has been appointed to the management in 2021. He was one of the first experts in Germany, specializing in spectrum management and frequency coordination. Having vast experience in teleport operations over satellite procurements and ground station integration he is the all-around talent in AUDENS. He supported the domestic satellite programs from the very beginning during all program phases. His responsibility comprises design, manufacturing, and test monitoring of the satellites, the overall system and link design, the ground segment regeneration as well as the frequency coordination work of the whole system.

The introduced AUDENS team members are complemented by selected, highly qualified and internationally recognized experts having unique and outstanding experience in all aspects of satellite communications.

Are you interested in support by one or multiple of AUDENS’ experts, please contact us for a personal inquiry.

The know-how of AUDENS covers all aspects and stages in a life- cycle of a satellite network or satellite system, covering technical, strategical, economical, legal, and programmatic aspects. We offer strategy, engineering, and regulatory consultancy services for your satellite projects. Covering the complete life-cycle of a satellite communications system from early system design with its feasibility related to market surveys, user requirements, business case, and spectrum access, to procurement support covering the preparation and evaluation for RFIs, RFPs over contract negotiations to the monitoring of the manufacturing process.

The outstanding excellence of our experts, the independence of the company, our enthusiastic commitment and continuity define the unique and individual support from AUDENS to our clients. The combination of all qualities is unique and so are the requirements from our clients.

Clients benefit from the vast background knowledge and experience of our experts, resulting in reduced project risks and contributing to substantial cost savings, reducing schedule risks and better business prospects. All AUDENS projects have been finalized on time and budget.

Continuous support since 1995 in various satellite projects from initial design up to in-orbit commissioning, regulation/coordination, and space communications-related research and development. Widespread and diverse references for commercial, scientific as well as governmental networks and systems for a variety of different clients. With our established global network, access to key personnel in the space sector can be facilitated, accelerating the business prospects of our clients.