With satellite communications evolving, AUDENS evolves, too. We provide services in all disciplines of the advanced space and earth segment satellite communications technology, as well as terrestrial services requiring seamless network interfaces and providing synergies with comprehensive expert knowledge.

The portfolio of our services and know-how covers the complete lifecycle of a satellite project from feasibility analysis to system operation. It can be divided into four fundamental areas, building the pillars of the major challenges in SATCOM.



Studies, Research AND Development

Detailed analysis and assessments in e.g. technical, procedural, regulatory, economic, or legal aspects in the fields of SATCOM. Mainly related to a defined and delimited topic, tailored to the needs of the respective clients.

Survey of market prospects and developments for a specific topic in SATCOM environment, based on the client needs.

Technical, regulatory, economical, or legal assessment of SATCOM elements to be invested, procured or disposed of.

Specific support in the development of SATCOM equipment in every stage of the respective device. From initial design over breadboarding, qualification to flight model, AUDENS provides its know-how for project success.

Survey of SATCOM user or business requirements in the initial phase of a SATCOM project. Determined by interviews questionnaires, workshops, space events, or desktop research, translated into technical and operational system requirements, or any other desired format.

Development of a business case for satellite communication networks based on the domestic, regional, or international coverage, services, and user behavior.

Development of a technical, regulatory, and operational framework for satellite communications systems. Based on those assessments, showstoppers, cost drivers and business prospects can be identified.

Spectrum Access

Preparation of contributions to study groups of the International Telecommunications Union or related regional or national committees for a certain topic. We defend your position.

We perform analyses to quantify the interference potential between systems. We use either analytical methods or computer simulations to provide comprehensive results for coordination or operation.

Assessment of options to secure the spectrum rights under the ITU-RR Art. 11 regulations and rules and procedures.

We support your interest at national, regional committees, WRC, ITU, or any other technical committees related to SATCOM techniques where the sound understanding of the whole communications environment is beneficial.

Development of Appendix 4 parameter for geostationary and non-geostationary satellite networks and systems according to the ITU-Radio Regulations and space validation rules. Application of the respective Resolutions e.g. epfd masks, ESIMs among others. AP30, 30A, 30B filings for national allotments and networks outside of the plan.

We coordinate your networks/filings in the respective orbits, radiocommunication services, as well as Earth stations according to the rules and procedures of the ITU-RR Art. 9, seeking a final entry in the Master International Frequency Register of the ITU.

Applications at national frequency authority, participation in regional committees for individual or circulating licenses for satellite earth station in shared in the bands with other radiocommunication services.

Procurement Support

Development of full sets of documents for RFI/RFPs of satellite systems or parts of it. Evaluations, assessments, and recommendations on the gathered information for further steps.

On-site and/or back-office support, covering technical, design, development, qualification, AIT and in-orbit testing, management, cost control, and products assurance-related aspects.

Support of the client in the contract negotiations for the procurement of the satellite system, including legal support.

Survey of launcher market and opportunities, Assessment of launcher performance (capabilities, reliability, track records); Contract preparation and execution; Monitoring of launcher activities, support during launch campaigns. Analysis and review of insurance options; support to the selection process for the insurance package tailored to the project requirements.

Ground station and operations

Definition, design (incl. review) of satellite ground control stations and procedures for Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and regular operations; Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), Flight Operations Procedures (FOPs), Operational Readiness Tests (ORTs), System Validation Tests (SVT) between ground control and the satellite; Rehearsals, In-Orbit Tests (IOT)

Specification, design, review of user terminals as well as hub or anchor stations; Network Management Center (NMC) and Payload Control Center (PCC) including planning software; design reviews (PDR, CDR), FAT and SAT; system acceptance tests; link budgets and scenario/capacity planning and optimizations interacting with coordination constraints.

A detailed presentation of selected service areas
provided by AUDENS in past projects
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related to SATCOM projects.

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We provide services in different depths of the required expertise. Either on a high level with a broader scope on the overall system or with high detail, limited to a specific aspect. We are expanding our knowledge by gathering experience from running projects in the evolving SATCOM environment and our growing experts‘ community. Please contact us for a personal inquiry.

The know-how of AUDENS covers all aspects and stages in a life- cycle of a satellite network or satellite system, covering technical, strategical, economical, legal, and programmatic aspects. We offer strategy, engineering, and regulatory consultancy services for your satellite projects. Covering the complete life-cycle of a satellite communications system from early system design with its feasibility related to market surveys, user requirements, business case, and spectrum access, to procurement support covering the preparation and evaluation for RFIs, RFPs over contract negotiations to the monitoring of the manufacturing process.

The outstanding excellence of our experts, the independence of the company, our enthusiastic commitment and continuity define the unique and individual support from AUDENS to our clients. The combination of all qualities is unique and so are the requirements from our clients.

Clients benefit from the vast background knowledge and experience of our experts, resulting in reduced project risks and contributing to substantial cost savings, reducing schedule risks and better business prospects. All AUDENS projects have been finalized on time and budget.

Continuous support since 1995 in various satellite projects from initial design up to in-orbit commissioning, regulation/coordination, and space communications-related research and development. Widespread and diverse references for commercial, scientific as well as governmental networks and systems for a variety of different clients. With our established global network, access to key personnel in the space sector can be facilitated, accelerating the business prospects of our clients.